Talking Tawny Port with Charlotte Symington:

A few notes on tawny:

- Tawny is aged in small oak barrels where there is evaporation and a small amount of oxidation that lightens the colour, especially compared to Ruby Port. The skilled winemaker has to blend the wines in order to achieve a house style in a drink that ages for decades 

- The oxidation gives this brown-golden colour and overt nutty characteristics that are delicious

- There is also a flavours of ornage peel, apricots and caramel

- These wines are delicious served chilled and as they warm up to room temperature they release an array of aromas and flavours that make them alluring and meditative

- Perfect for a dessert but also as an aperitif if you are looking for something different to waken the palate

- What most people don’t expect from tawny is the attractive freshness from the acidity that bring out the flavours

- Tawny port will last for a few months in the fridge once opened - question is, can you hold off from enjoying it for that long?


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