Still close to Fermo, Le Corti Dei Farfensi is raised on a hill and surrounded by vineyards. They do however, have vineyards further away. The name of the winery is named after the monks that once produced the wine where they are now based. They told us of the vines they have outside the small town of Moresco, apparently the most beautiful town in Italy!

Interview: Pecorino Wine - Marco Cavalieri, owner of Le Corti Dei Farfensi:

Curtes, Falerio, Pecorino, 2013

This pecorino was different to what we had tasted previously, having a lovely freshness with powerful acidity producing flavours of pear white peach. As the wine breathed I distinctly detected some banana, not overpowering but just an added dimension.

I would love to enjoy a bottle of this with some salt cod, poached in milk, served with tomatoes, fresh rosemary and potatoes in local olive oil…. but now I am dreaming…

A small production of 20,000 bottles means that you’ll have to keep your eyes very well peeled to get a bottle outside of Italy.

Abate Pietro, 2009, 80% montipulciano, 20% syrah

Lovely deep carmin colour. The nose is a combination of liquorice, prune and a bit of sour cherry. The age really gives it that soft silky touch and this is an excellent example of good red wines from the Marche can be.

For a food pairing I would suggest wild boar ragu with the boar marinated in red wine, bay leaves, cloves, garlic and onion.

Listen to Marco Cavalieri talk about the red wine, Abate Pietro:

 Visit their web site:

After days of picking grapes in one of the world’s most famous wine regions, the pickers get together to drink, chat and enjoy the drinks they are meticulously involved in the making of. 

Also check out local winemaker, Nico’s, top tip for a white Burgundy from Saint Aubin that you don’t have to travel to Burgundy to get!


What started in El Quatre Gats tapas bar in Barcelona, soon became an adventure in the Marche region of Italy, that lies along the east coast facing Albania across the Adriatic Sea. El Quatre Gats is famously where Picasso had his first solo exhibition as a young edgy artists in the Catalan capital and I was there dining with Dr Pia Casarini Wadhams, Director of Italy’s only Polar Institute, Il Polo.


The Palazzo is located in the centre of Fermo, a small Roman hilltop town with a rich history dating back to antiquity. Flying from abroad, Ancona is the closest airport, 67km north (about an hours drive) along the coast of the Adriatic sea.