Champagne Taittinger Prestige Rosé

under 50 blueIf it wasn't for pink champagne I probably wouldn't notice the coming and going of St Valentine's Day. But, pink bubbly has definitely grown on me as a desirable drink that is fruity, fun and seductive. We have had several samples sent in and are keen to find food pairings that match the profile of bursting fruit, tongue coating effervescence and titillating touch on the senses.

Nature Morte: A heavenly aperitif and nibbling combination

Wandering around Herne Hill in South London looking for "coal biscuits" I came across Rosary Ash goats cheese. As ash and coal are both inextricably linked to the carbon cycle, it seemed like the right idea to replace any fruit or relish addition with the carbon dioxide-rich raspberry pink Prestige Rosé Champagne Taittinger.

Taittinger is known for producing consistently high-quality champagne to suit a range of occasions, so there is no reason why the season of amour should not feature.

The combination of the creaminess of the cheese, the subtle tasting dryness of the coal biscuits and summer red fruitiness of rosé, make this a combination that will give you pause. It's an assured HIT. If you are seducing this Feb 14 this is a fine entré!


Champagne Taittinger Prestige Rosé NV - £35-40 from a wide range of retailers

Rosary Ash Goats Cheese - Duggard & Daughters in Herne Hill London