Cune Rioja Reserva: seasonal classic pleasure

under 25 blueA lovely classic Rioja Reserva with ripe dark red Fruit, easy going tannin, succulent body. Sexy on its own or pleased to assist with a wholesome bite of your favourite wholesome dish. At this time of year some oven roasted rabbit seasoned with lemon, honey, rosemary and thyme should do the job perfectly well!

Cune make very good benchmark quality wine and this 2013 reception is no exception.

£12.99 from Majestic (or cheaper when mixed with a case of 6)

Available in the UK from Majestic, Waitrose Wine Cellar

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Roccolo Grassi Valpolicella - Indelible Veronese charm

The centre of Verona has a quite a strange charm that transports one back in time. Not to the Roman age but rather to a time of over-exposed matt film photography; old school markets and the bustle of tourists and locals that can appear as quickly as they vanish at the turn of a narrow street.

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English pinot noir? I think you might like it…

With so much English sparkling wine (ESW) being produced from the most typical grapes grown in Champagne, it is no surprise that producers are bottling pinot noir for our pleasure.

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Mind expanding Rioja's - Cheek to cheek, not head to head! (part 1)

Wines from this famous part of north west Spain are part of the modern British psyche. In this first segment of notes we taste 1 crianza and 2 reserva’s. These examples are great examples of what benchmark Rioja should taste like - rich and dangerously pleasurable.

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The Finest Rioja: Old World, Old School

What is it about this time of year that begs for open fires, roasted dinners and the taste of fine wines? It’s the latter that acts as a flowing ink joining the dots across memory and landscape. It connects our primordial selves to something we can’t quite describe yet, like soft caresses, translates into the language of pleasure. Yup, that is the work of damn good wine from Rioja!

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Chilean Malbec in context: 3 styles of Malbec

Caliterra winemaker, Rodrigo Zamorano compares 3 styles of this movable grape - Setting the scene for Malbec

The tasting was set up in the basement of Casa Malevo in Connaught Street London, a place famous for exceedingly high quality steak, a frequent food pairing for the malbec grape we were due to taste. 

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Can entry-level Bordeaux charm the British palate?

Bordeaux seems to be a wine region that we all perceive as being a haven of bluechip wines that mortals are denied access to. The £8-£20 price range for regular drinking wines is perhaps not as popular as it should be. Why is that? Does the region need more decoding. There are rewards for journeying into one of the world's most famous wine regions.

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St Emilion Grand Cru Classe 2015

Talking to Emmanuel de Saint Salvy from Chateau Bellefont-Belcier, Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé

What can we expect from the 2015 vintage in St Emilion?

2015 is a very interesting vintage because at the same time we have a very full bodied vintage but with a lot of fruit… we can drink it today. 

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