Jean-Luc Colombo Pt 2: Food/Wine Matching

“I love Sashimi but I don’t go to try to replace the saki with Cornas Les Ruchets. Maybe a nice rosé, maybe a viognier… not at all the Cornas Ruchets!”

Do reds go with fish? What’s a the perfect Rhone wine to go with guinea fowl? 


Interview: Meet the prolific Jean-Luc Colombo

 Jean-Luc Colombo: "In the 70’s if you said to a journalist, 'Hey Joe, we go taste some English wine?' 'Are you crazy Jean-Luc? English wine? There is no English wine!'”

Meet one of France's most prolific & outspoken winemakers, starting this series talking about the biggest issues the wine world.


Watch: Liam O'Dwyer, Travelling Winemaker

Meet Liam O’Dwyer, a young winemaker from Barossa Valley in Australia, traveling through Burgundy soaking up wine and adventure along the way.

We caught up with Liam at Domaine Dublére, located in Savigny La Beaune on the famous Cote D’Or. Here he tells us about his “project” wine: The Chester!


Vine report: What does 2015 look like in Burgundy?

“2015’s been a fantastic year, very hot… You can’t get much better than that in terms of a pinot noir berry!”
Brendan Barratt

"The quality is very high...compared to last year, there is less quantity but the quality is higher!"
Blair Pethel, Domaine Dublére


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