Meet Vincent Laval from Champagne Georges Laval in Cumiéres - organic producer and neighbour of Hervé Jestin


Susan Adda catches up with Vincent Laval, organic producer from the famed Champagne Georges Laval, one of the first crop of organic growers in Champagne in the early 1970's!

In this interview Vincent explains how important the terroir is in producing his champagne. He and his small team place their intense focus on the vineyard, managing the vines by hand and encouraging life to grow as much as possible. This life among the vines is then expressed in the champagne as a precise representation of Cumiéres terroir, where the grapes are grown. 

You get a sense of the spirit of the Cumiéres in these wines - itself a really beautiful and tranquil place. At the Terres et Vins de Champagne tasting in Reims, we were lucky enough to taste the "vins clairs" (clear wines). The chardonnay, Les Chénes, has a subtle perfume with incredible richness in the mouth. Really makes me go "hmmmmmmm!".

Les Chénes 2012 - really good balanced acidity, white fruit characters, bags of class... one more glass syndrome written all over it - around 1700 bottles produced!

Les Hautes-Chevres 2012 - Deliciously powerful, really fresh bright acidity, slightly nutty and fresh fruit. 1500 bottles produced!

vincent laval chalking up the label


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