Clovis Taittinger celebrates becoming a Freeman of the City of London whilst giving us a tasting note for the legendary Comtes de Champagne, 2006. How does such a drink make one feel? Watch and see!


Clovis Taittinger returns to the London Wine Fair after becoming a Freeman of the City of London to celebrate with us over a glass of Comptes de Champagne 2006. This legendary champagne, made from the the finest of the Taittinger grapes across 5 villages on the  Côte des Blancs: Chouilly, Oger, Le-Menil-sur-Oger, Cramant and Vertus.

But how does such good champagne make one feel? The answer will also be open to interpretation but here Clovis let's us know how he's feeling!

This raises the question of how we talk about wine. As the characteristics and style of wine come together for the finished product, are we more interested in the analysis of the connoisseur, or are we seeking a more esoteric response to our imbibing guides and activities. We certainly have more films to come with tasters from both perspectives, so whatever your chosing, keep watching!

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