We don't hear much about Ukrainian wines, let alone sparkling wines. So it was great to catch-up with Ewan Lacey at the London Wine Fair & get this intro!


Ewan Lacey, Director of the International Wine Challenge (IWC), introduces Shabo, Veja, Grand Cru 2013, sparkling wine from the Ukraine. Despite coming from a region beset by troubles, Ewan discovered this wine in Hong Kong. Considering the care and attention given during the production process, he's curious as to why we are not seeing Shabo Grand Cru on the shelves of UK wine retailers and elsewhere.

As Ewan says: "We are a broad church!" 

This Shabo Veja has good qualities such as autolytic characters and is as refreshing as many other sparkling wines out there in the market. 

Here is a link to some more information on Shabo wines on the IWC website: Shabo wines

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