001 Bride Valley Brut

under 50 blueWe thoroughly enjoyed this racey little number from England's finest county, Dorset.. seductive fruit, long enjoyable mouth feel. Light bodied. As far as analogies go, try the accelerating Tesla, pulling away across the palate, silent but exhilarating. A great sensation.

Made from ~30% chardonnay, 30% pinot noir and 30% pinot meunier with grapes from the 2014 vintage, the Bride Valley Vineyard is about a mile from the channel receiving its fair share of southwesterly weather fronts. The topography of the land is striking for its bowl-like form, oddly hidden from the outside, but with steep hilled sides and a high horizon, the vines are almost enclosed. Newly planted trees as windbreaks add to the concealment.

We finished the bottle with some panfried pheasant breast but this is an aperitif bubbly and was much better in that role. The pheasant would have been great with Hambledon Vineyard #bubbly from Hants or perhaps any number of luxuriant bodied lees aged champagne varieties.

Available from Liberty Wines: http://www.libertywines.co.uk/wines/view/BV401B14/

Read/watch our extended interview with Steven Spurrier here: Bride Valley Vineyard: A Spurrier family affair

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