Champagne Video Tasting Feature:

Watch our filmed tasting notes from the annual CIVC wine tasting in Westminster, London. Distinguished tasters and producers talk openly and candidly about what's in the glass and why you should try it!

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Champagne Autréau - Meet Laurent Autréau

Champagne Autréau were another stand out bubbly wine at the CIVC tasting this year. I was lucky enough to capture this quick tasting note with the winemaker and namesake, Laurent Autréau.

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[Watch] Tasting Pol Roger 2006 with Richard Bampfield MW

Watch Master of Wine, Richard Bampfield explain why he is so impressed by Pol Roger's vintage 2006 champagne and why this wine is one that the connoisseur may want to lie down for a few years!


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[WATCH] Taste Champagne Soutiran with Carl Sherman

Get a sip of this delicious champagne with Carl Sherman as he explains why this champagne could be the perfect pairing for lobster.

Soutiran was certainly a stand out wine at this years CIVC annual tasting. 

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Vitalie Taittinger: The secret pleasures of Taittinger rosé!

Meet the marketing director and namesake of one of the world's most famous Champagne houses: Vitalie Taittinger.

Between sips, Vitalie shares her best secrets for enjoying Taittinger rosé.

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Police seize 9200 bottles of fake as Champagne

3 glasses fizz850

Reuters: Police have seized hundreds of thousands of euros worth of fake champagne in a workshop near Padua, northern Italy, with counterfeiters looking to pass off sparkling wine as Moet & Chandon.

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Turn your afternoon upside down-rosé Champagne

rose table850

Escape the mundane

On a wintry Saturday when the view outside is bathed in London bleak grey (a distant cousin of the bright azure “Klein Blue”), there is nothing left but to inject some spring into the step and drive away the SAD.

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