Organic / Biodynamic Champagne Extravaganza in Reims

Searching for reasons to zoom across to Reims in the heart of Champagne is never a difficult business.

In this instance the reason came from resident champagne specialist and national #Winelover ambassador to the region, Carl Sherman and involved tasting very fine organic & biodynamically produced bubbly.


English wine - Hambledon Vineyard, Part 1

For those wondering how English wine stands up to Champagne, meet Ian Kellett, founder and managing director of Hambledon Vineyard in Hampshire, Southern England. 

With the heritage of Champagne and a not dissimilar climate, Hambledon Vineyard epitomises the new wave of serious sparkling wine making that is going on in the UK.


Why is Champagne expensive?

As the blood levels picked up in my alcohol stream and I gradually sobered up from the Christmas-themed liver-buster one question came to me (about five minutes after opening up my credit card statement) why is Champagne so expensive?I don’t want to get involved with differing perceptions of what is or isn’t expensive, but I’ll bet that when most people shell out £15 or more on a bottle of wine that they’re buying a bottle of bubbly. So why is it that a cheap bottle of claret will cost you £5.50; a cheap bottle of burgundy £7.00 and a cheap bottle of champagne will set you back £15.00 or more?

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