Laure Colombo is the daughter of esteemed Cornas / Rhone producer, Jean-Luc Colombo. As the head winemaker, Laure has a strong connection with the terroir that she is working with. 

This is film is a great intro to both Laure & La Belle De Mai 2012, named as a tribute to her Grandmother who from her restaurant in Marseille, handed down her love of fine food & wine.


It is always a pleasure to meet Laure Colombo (you can watch our last interview with Laure by clicking here. Laure talks us through her wine from Saint Peray called La Belle de Mai made from mostly Roussanne grapes but also with Marsanne.

These grapes provide freshness and bite that make them perfect for pairing with richer fish dishes or herbecious roasted vegetables. The Belle de Mai can also be aged to allow for the characteristics to become more integrated and complex without losing its freshness from the acidity. 

The name of the wine, La Belle de Mai, was the name of Laure's Grandmother's restaurant in Marseille and that makes this the epitome of matriarchal wine, as it was this fine lady who handed down her flare for the pleasures of good food and wine.

No doubt we'll be meeting with Laure again, although hopefully it will be in Saint Peray!

Jean-Luc Colombo wines are sold across the UK in different wine retailers. The vineyards are certified organic and Laure says they do use many biodynamic processes.

 Laure Colombo belle de mai still800

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