Dourthe No 1 Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux 2015

Bring out the salads, bring out the oysters, the prawns sizzling in olive oil, garlic and parsley. Then bring out a chilled bottle of the elegant and refreshing Dourthe No.1 sauvignon blanc from Bordeaux!


This is a fab summer wine for a range of occasions during these summer months. Fresh out of the bottle you get that lovely burst of citrus fruit, fresh acidity and very fine dry finish. Leave it to open up for a little while and those citrus notes turn more tropical. What could be more satisfying?


Each sip begs another, and guess what? It’s only £8.50 a bottle from the Wine Society. 

Definitely worth getting a case of this in for your summer camping holidays. Cheers!

Dourthe Sauvignon Blanc 2015

£8.50 from the The Wine Society

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