Champagne Krug CEO discusses the mission to preserve freshness in a warmer world

Luxury Champagne brands like Krug have a surprising story to tell of long-term committed action to tackle sustainability and build a climate-conscious culture with their company. Margareth Henriquez, CEO of the Krug, and President of LVMH’s Wines & Estates, here tells us why her company has a lot to share and nothing to hide when it comes to facing up to climate change.

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Irrigating wine crops is no longer sustainable! Linda Johnson-Bell makes the case for ‘Dry-Farming’

As water becomes more scarce, the wine industry will come under more and more pressure to stop irrigating and move towards completely sustainable water management and usage. Linda Johnson-Bell is a wine author and critic who sees the writing on the wall for producers who tap water supplies to irrigate what is essentially a luxury product.

A good example of this is the court case in California where a vineyard company owned by the Harvard Endowment Fund is being sued by agricultural neighbours for buying up rights to use ground water ponds to irrigate their vines. One of the plaintiffs in the case is actually a wine producer using Dry Farming techniques. 

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Is the style of Champagne Bollinger changing due to climate change? Interview with Chef de Cave, Gilles Descotes

The Champagne region has overall taken a decisive stance on climate action and here Gilles Descotes from Champagne Bollinger tells the not often heard story of what is going on in the vineyards and what steps are being taken to reduce further impacts down the road.

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Miguel Torres: "I'm an oenologist & realised the consequences for the vineyards were going to be terrible"

Miguel Torres has long been the most outspoken proponent for action to face up to climate change in the wine industry. In this candid interview, he talks about the pressures his global business faces today and the actions his team has taken in response, to mitigate and adapt. He also emphasises that action on climate change is in his company and family DNA and that he is joining the youth movement in demonstrating for climate action.

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Interview: Gerard Bertrand discusses biodynamics, climate change, and why he strives for the taste of “somewhere” rather than “something”

Former professional rugby player turned winemaker, Gerard Bertrand, currently runs 13 wine estates and has won accolades such as the IWC’s Red Winemaker of the Year 2012. 

Here Gerard talks to us about the special role wine plays in our lives and, as we confront increasing environmental challenges, how the wine industry can set an example in agriculture, pushing for organic and biodynamic practices. 

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Interview with Prof. Olga Barbosa: Wine, climate change and biodiversity - a new balance with nature

 The five Mediterranean climates of the world are havens for biodiversity. It is also where humans grow most of their crops, including wine, and where climate extremes are a threat to human life, wildlife and plant-life. 

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